When is the best time to climb Mount Kilimanjaro?

The Best Time To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro

Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro is a dream to uncountable adventure lovers worldwide. Out of 30,000 climbers stepping their foot on Kilimanjaro, only 60% climbers are succeeding to reach the top. The reason for the unsuccessful trek to the top is mostly lack of information and preparation. A great element Explore Tanzania Hikes & Safaris impacts highly the success rate is the Perfect Time to Climb Kilimanjaro.
When you have decided on Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, the next important query arising is finding the Best Time To Climb Mount Kilimanjaro. For those who wish to travel in reduced chances of rain and slightly warmer temperatures, it is advisable to climb in the months of January, February or the first half of March. The months of April and May bring profound rain while November and December offer shorter rainy season. Read on to find out the right time to travel to this gigantic mountain and achieve maximum success rate.

Kilimanjaro, Month By Month

Are you looking for a month wise analysis for choosing the right time in Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro? We are here to solve your query:

With breathtaking clear skies in the mornings and evenings, this period is rightly considered the Best Season To Climb Kilimanjaro.

The temperature is warm during the day, while nights are colder during this season.

This season is the peak time for Kilimanjaro trekking as it is the migratory season for the wildlife. However September is comparatively quieter and warmer is considered the Best Month To Climb Kilimanjaro.

Heavy rainstorm is expected every day on Kilimanjaro during this period. It is not considered as a great time to trek the mountain.

Before the short and refreshing showers begin you can travel in October to trek this mountain as it is considered a great time for climbing, getting in just before the rains do, but when many of the crowds have gone home.

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