Kilimanjaro Climb Northern Circuit Route

Mount Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route

The Northern Circuit Route starts from the west at Londorossi Gate and follows the Lemosho Route at the beginning. After the overpass, the Shira Plateau the path deviates north near Lava Tower, following the longer Kilimanjaro Northern Circuit Route. The route circles over the northern circuit slopes over to the east side of the mountain.
The northern circuit is longer than other Kilimanjaro routes. It gives you more time for acclimatization and also beautiful scenic views. Once you reach Lava Tower, the route heads North West to Moir Hut, circling the mountain clockwise at an altitude of approximately 13,000 feet. This path then intersects with the Rongai route variant at Third Cave, before summiting from School Hut. The Best Time To Climb Kilimanjaro via Northern Circuit Route is in the dry season.

The Distance Of The Northern Circuit Route?

The route is approximately 88 Kms long from gate to gate.

Northern Circuit Route Geology

The northern circuit route with its beautiful scenic view and the highest success rate is a popular route among all the other Kilimanjaro routes. This route has the most significant geological structures which are stunning rocks ridges, massive craters, stunning glaciers; alpine desserts will hold your attention on the trek through to the top of Kilimanjaro.
The initial lava flows were thin and low viscous magma, due to this the Lava flow spread out and created a gently sloping base for Kilimanjaro. The volcanic activity left a symmetrical cone.

Northern Circuit Route Climate

The Northern circuit route starts through the rainforest and at the beginning you may feel the humid temperature. The moorland region gives you a bit of drizzle of the shower and makes it cool. The summit attempt will be made on a full moon day and gives you the best experience of the coldest and windiest section of your climb. However, the sun comes up soon and the rest of the layers will be cleared early.!

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