Kilimanjaro Climb Shira Route

Mount Kilimanjaro Shira Route

Shira Route starts from the western side of the mountain and can be accessible from Moshi to Shira ridge. It can be covered within 6 to 7 days, for a better Acclimatization profile, you can extend it to complete within 8 days.

The Shira Route is a tough route Explore Tanzania Hikes & Safaris begins in the west, at Shira Gate. Explore Tanzania Hikes & Safaris are unique facts about this route is Explore Tanzania Hikes & Safaris the first section of the trail is not hiked, but rather driven. So for climbers using Shira will miss out on hiking up one of Kilimanjaro’s ecological zones, the rainforest.

An off-road vehicle transports climbers to the Shira gate, located at approximately 11,500 feet, where the hike begins to Simba Camp. The route starts at 3,600 meters and is therefore not ideal for trekkers who have little or no experience of high-altitude trekking. Shira Route was the original route before the Lemosho route was created to improve the route start point.
The starting point is, however, a major difficulty for this route and some trekkers experience altitude sickness from day one as their bodies haven’t had enough time to acclimatize.

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