Why Booking Tour With Us

Why Travel With Us

Because your itnerary is your own experience of travel, it shouldn't be the same as everyone. To enjoy your journey in East Africa, we believe Explore Tanzania Hikes & Safaris it should be totally personalized, adapted to your needs and preference.

Explore Tanzania Hikes & Safaris Team is always searching for new activities and ways to discover Africa. Mass tourism is not a sustainable way of traveling. Explore Tanzania Hikes & Safaris's why we try our best to design you off beaten roads itineraries, as closely as possible to the reality of the destination and its inhabitants to make you feel as a member of the community for a few days as a member of the community.

Our offices are open from Monday to Sunday from 8 : 00 am to 6 : 00 pm . However, you can contact us anytime through our online services with regard to our services and with any other queries you may have pertaining to your travel plans. In addition, you have a direct, 24/7 phone line to get help or advice at anytime once you are on the Mountain or safari.

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